Paola C. Pol

Therapist - International Training -Yoga Instructor

About us...


We are an International Training Center,
research and personal development.
International coaching, for professionals and companies.
Yoga, Holidays & Retreats

The Conscious transformation


Our project is to promote integration with a holistic vision

of emotional well-being and education, through

of new tools for education.


A community organization, in addition to therapeutic consulting,
created in Spain, in the year 2008;
Inspired to Educate, emotionally sustain
and develop evolutionarily.

Our projects are synthesized in methods,
which we will develop, in order to provide well-being to
anyone who wants to help himself ...

We are a Center for Training, Research and Personal Development.
The Conscious transformation

The conscious transformation
Personal Development Center

Our project is to promote integration with a holistic vision of health and education,

through new tools for education.


Inspired as a new way of thinking, which marks a moment
historical in our humanity, transmitting a simple message to translate throughout the world;
Peace, Love, Light and Harmony.
Born before the need to remind our true essence;
Similarly to facilitate an absolute take
of conscience with our soul and the loss of fears of the unknown.
The importance of positioning ourselves in a unifying role, from which it is possible to live better every day,
where each and every one of us is capable of creating, from the
"Here and now" a better future for us and the beings that surround us.

Stop being spectators from a remote something,
rational and take advantage of this life that we have to build
actively every day a better humanity, in this sense, the Big Jump World,
is actively engaged in spreading a new education to the whole world,
not only participating in interventions and investigations with different
professionals around the world, but even, creating the integral center of development
personal and conscious evolution, which has been registered and announced in
"The 39th Annual SSFF-IIIHS, International Conference", on August 6, 2014
at Hotel Hyatt in Montreal, Canada

Paola C. Pol 

Businesswoman, Educator, Communicator, researcher and Therapist -Coach wellness & spiritual.

Yoga Instructor
Regression Therapy

Formed at the University of Buenos Aires, with a great Psychoanalytic base (Psychology).
Professor of Naturopathy in Montreal, Canada; and a 600-hour Hatha Yoga teacher,
specialized in Yoga for children Sivananda, Canada.
Professor of Reiki, Trainer of PNL, in Regressions,
Family constellations, Gestalt and drama therapy.
Specialization in education, technique and intervention projects,
Counselor, Montreal -Canadá
Doctorate in Integrative Medicine.
Founder of the Big Jump World, in charge of the international training of anti stress and psychosomatic disorders, Trainer of regressions, and of the integral Holistic Transformation program. Professor of the International Institute of Human Sciences; Direct disciple of Marilyn and Father John Rossner
graduated as Licend Minister in USA - Canada.

Mauro Damián

Chiromassage and Yoga Therapies

Naturopath and entrepreneur, He is currently a professor and researcher in the science of coding and other disciplines of personal development at the International Institute of Human Sciences in Montreal, Canada.
Film, Radio and TV producer

Thai Massage Therapist Yoga, participated in many teachings and training, a professor at the International Center for Human Sciences in Montreal, recently participated as a presenter of Podcasts Radio under the auspices of FFS-IIISH and also creator of the Big Jump World for holistic training.

"We are the new pilgrims of the University of conscience,
Re-connective therapists of this new cycle of which we are all part. Integrating and transforming continuously for our own well-being, harmony and individual needs,
affective and spiritual.
Healing the mind, the body and the soul ... "


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